India Expansion Strategy

We offer a tailored service for international project marketers and property developers wanting to promote their projects to the vast Indian audience. Our strategies are customised to suit your needs and budget. Don’t just spend money on expensive property events and exhibitions. 


  • For new ideas

    We believe the sales strategy should inform the marketing strategy, not the other way around. We plan and execute meaningful marketing campaigns that stand out in a highly competitive market; positioning the project to optimise reach and maximise revenue. Our marketing team works in collaboration with all project consultants with an aim to deliver quality marketing collateral to increase efficiency and speed to market. We ensure all marketing is targeted to a specific demographic and remains consistent throughout the campaign

  • Result driven campaigns

    We bring big ideas to the table and manage every aspect of every campaign from concept to completion. We are committed to constantly providing feedback and re-evaluating marketing and advertising campaigns where necessary. With a hands-on approach, we ensure that at any given moment we can provide live, valuable feedback for our clients

  • For measurable results

    Sales performance analytics and regular campaign evaluations give our clients a clear picture of how any sale is progressing. We provide comprehensive reports and details of prospective purchaser interest to increase performance levels at every opportunity

  • Our Services

    Work strategically, understand your buyer, establish your brand in the market and rely on our expertise in India to build a pipeline of sales through direct marketing and channel partner engagement.

    What we do.

    • NPI will be your local office in India
    • We will create an effective marketing and sales strategy for your brand
    • All marketing activity will be under your own banner with no local branding but with a local address and contact number
    • Branding and promotions through social media and SEO
    • Channel partner engagement strategy and on boarding of partners on your platform
    • Build a database of direct enquiries and channel partners across India
    • We can provide a local staff member exclusively for you
    • Organise events across India including 2nd tier cities
    • Attend any third party events on your behalf to further branding and sales activities

    We are keen to work with developers, finance providers, migration lawyers and golden visa experts in the UK, Australia, Thailand, Europe, USA, Canada and Dubai.